The Crusades

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The Crusades

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The Crusade
On 27th November 1095 Pope Urban II called for the first crusade to reclaim the holy land ( In his speech, he appealed for military support for the emperor of the Byzantine Empire to reinforce his nation against the encroaching Turks from the west. However, the first crusade has been subjected to a myriad of criticism citing personal interest of territorial expansion that was propelled through religiosity.
Why the First Crusade Was Fought
Urban called for the Crusade to guarantee pilgrims access to the holy sites that were in the Eastern Mediterranean. The area was under the control of Muslims, an act that the pope refers to the invasion of the Promised Land by a race that is alienated from God (Riley-Smith 10). However, critiques argue that access to the holy shrines was not the primary motive that prompted Urban to appeal for support and this equally apply to the people that heeded his call. He wanted to use an orthodox strategy of uniting the Western and the Eastern region of the Christ-Dom that had been separated and thereafter install himself as the leader of the unified church. His speech also called for the destruction of other religion such as the Muslim and the pagans who had polluted the area with filthiness (Riley-Smith 10). The pope also uses an enthusiastic language to coerce people through instilling fear and associated repercussions if they do not heed to his call. …

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