The Corn maze David Barber

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The Corn maze David Barber

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The Corn Maze -David Barber
Most literary works including poems are premised on conveying a message to the audience, and this is closely tied to its intended purpose. David Barber, just like the rest of the poets, has employed this technique in his masterpiece, The Corn Maze. The poem comprises of five stanzas each having a uniform number of lines illustrating Barber style in his composition. Its title is self-explanatory and gives the reader a rough idea of what to expect while reading through the stanzas. The poem revolves around a corn maze where the speaker is trapped in the twist and turns of the premises unable to find his way (Barber n.p.). From the excerpt, the deeper the speaker enters the maze the higher the chances that he will get lost through the confusion considering every section of the corn maze resembles the other.
The predominant emotion while reading the literary piece is hopelessness and uses a melancholic tone as the speaker addresses his predicament experienced within the maze. Barber uses imagery to give the audience the mental picture of a corn maze and the similarities in appearance of the different sections. In the first line of the poem, “Here  is  where/  You  can  get  nowhere”, Barber makes it clear that the twists and turns of the corn field could plunge the speaker into more danger as he traverses further in the maze. The corn maze is symbolic of life and the…

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