the civil rights movement

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the civil rights movement

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Civil Rights Movement – A Historical Pinnacle
The civil rights movement is considered one of the most popular events in the course of the United States history. The core aim of propulsion of such massive movement is to grant equal rights to the very African American community living within the United States. Nevertheless, the community has faced tremendous discrimination on the basis of race and hence, it has created a massive impact on the social and cultural history of the United States as early as in the early 19th Century. However, most of the core events have occurred during the 1950s and 1960s decades thereby creating a great deal of unrest in American society. The versatility of civil rights movement has not only provided international audience rather it has put forward a number of legal, negotiation dialogues, non-violent protests and different petitions that were put forward because of this great historical milestone. The boom of civil rights movement has been felt in the early 20th century thereby leading towards strong propulsion of women’s right movement during 1960-1969.
The very nucleus of change was the American Southern states possessing a strong concentration of African American community living for more than five decades. They have faced different issues ranging from economic disparity to educational and political prejudice in different grounds. Nonetheless, the core area …

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