The Christian community

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The Christian community

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The Purpose of the Christian Community
The Christian Community had the goal of ensuring that there was love for one another among the members of the society. The love for one another could ensure that people lived peacefully in the society and thus fewer conflicts. Additionally, love is the greatest commandment in the Bible and Jesus’ major commandments advocated for the love for both man and God. The Christianity community viewed the family as a place where love should start through the love for children versus parent, love among brothers and sisters and marital love ((“Introduction to Small Christian Communities (Revised)”). The love should later be passed over to other members of the society.
Christian Community also aimed at making the lives of the followers better than they were before joining the church. Additionally, it focused on the need to attract many people to Christ’s teachings and emphasized on the importance of having leaders to guide the community. The Christian Community stated that a leader had an understanding of the plans that God has for the group. Also, he or she may guide the members in the interpretation of the Bible and understand the baptismal alienation. The Christian community also emphasized the need for people to use their spiritual gifts to help others such as the healing others and guiding in the right way as per the scripture (Peterson).
The purpose of the Christian Community has remained relevant even …

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