The Change of Family Setup in American Society

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The Change of Family Setup in American Society

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Change in Family and Marriage in the American Society
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The term norm refers to a sort of paradigm and theories that act as a guide in the way individuals behave in a given societal setup (Ferris, & Stein, 2016). As per the social sciences, the norms tend to define particular cultural group therein. In this case, it is vital for the respective communities to uphold the norms to maintain cohesion and progressive development o the entire society. However, some circumstance may lead to the revolution of the underlined norms in the community. Nevertheless, the resulting changes may bring a positive impact on the well-being of the entire group whatsoever. For instance, there is a drastic have in the marriage and family set up in the American society over the last 100 years. Marriage is a dominant culture, and it results in some benefits such as improve health, financial boosting, and raising children in a right and stable environment. Conversely, leading new marriage brings a challenge to the various sociologists. Thus, the thesis aims at giving an in-depth analysis of the revolution incident as well as the factors that trier the change.
In the past years, the decision of marriage and establishing a family was dependent upon the economic and political situation rather than the love, and personal fulfillment in the current ate. Therefore, in the initial times, marriage was a compelling organization for the younger ge…

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