The Carlson Project case study

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The Carlson Project case study

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The Carlson Project
The Carlson Project
As a manager for the Carlson Project, Joe McGee faces a myriad of challenges. He presides over a big project that requires a proper coordination and supervision. However, he does not get enough support from the top management as expected. He is charged with a responsibility of working with a demoralized staff. His team is made up of employees who are poorly remunerated, exploited and overworked. This is what has made experienced workers like Jonson Gus to lose their productivity.
The truth is that when joining the organization, Royce Williams was a very motivated employee. With a fifteen-year experience, Royce can be a very resourceful employee. However, after losing his morale, the project manager can either choose to talk to him to win his trust or give him enough time to reform and improve his performance. At the same time, the project manager can decide to transfer him to another department so as to find a suitable replacement for him. I don’t think he should be sacked because the management is responsible for his dismal performance.
In order to handle Johnson well, the project manager needs to reward his loyalty and hard work by giving him additional allowances for overtime. At the same time, the management should match him with another employee who has got a similar objective and dedication. It will motivate him to continue delivering his best no matter the resistance from other uncooperativ…

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