The British and The USA Health Care

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The British and The USA Health Care

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The British and the USA Health Care


The British and the USA Health Care
Most of the states are currently facing a problem in health care. Each country has their way of doing a thing. In USA, people do not get access to health care except when they pay for it out of their pockets while in us said to people having to wait for a period for treatment. The USA spend some of the GDP money on health care, and they do not cover everybody in USA. While the Uk spends some of them on health, and everybody in USA is included (Reagan, 1992). The UK National Health Service provides general health care to the citizens, free for services, and it is administrated and financed from taxes. While public and private cover finances the Us health care with an enormous tip of service fees on several patients.
The UK and USA health care have the vision to make the following similar changes.
They both want to value the health care expenditure money.
To ensure that the health care doctors, patients, and the institution focus on quality and adopt the behaviors of enhancing values.
Aim to set health care increases to match gross domestic product growth.
Aim to control the health care expenditure to sustain levels.
To control the cost growth cost, the UK, and USA health care are aiming to practice same of the practices in order to bring the cost down. One of the aims is delivering care in more efficient ways, by changing the motivation and encouraging the delivering of expen…

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