The Book The kite runner

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The Book The kite runner

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Characterization in Kite Runner
It is a reasonable thing for individuals to make mistakes, as Amir did in this novel. The Kite Runner tries to show how resolving the mistake dictates an individual’s fate. The main character in this novel Amir knows about making mistakes. The author explains the struggles that Amir undergo as he tries to find redemption for the errors. In every phase of his life, he is looking for redemption.
As a child, Amir feels that his father blames his mother’s death on him and does not love him. He tries to come up with different ideas to make up for the past mistakes. He thinks of various ways to make things right between his father and him as he feels that his father does not care for him. He sees his father as someone whom he could never walk in his shadow.
When competition in kite running comes up, Amir sees this as a chance to prove that he is a worthy son to his father and get redemption for everything. Amir ideally could never live up to the expectations his father has for him. He wins the competition but in the process hurts his best friend Hassan and one day he will make up for that mistake. Amir is the boss of Hassan, but they are inseparable. This is depicted when he states that” For you a thousand times over” (Hosseini 10). He hurts Hassan, and this will take a long time to redeem himself.
In another instance, we see Amir stating, “I have to make things right again” (Hosseini 43). For Amir to…

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