the Best Commencement Speech Ever

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the Best Commencement Speech Ever

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We cannot mention the art of public speaking without mentioning Aristotle. He developed appeals of being a persuasive speaker. Ethos, pathos, and logos are the effective public speaking principles used to capture the attention of an audience. Barrack Obama and Arianna Huffington are some of the greatest speakers around the world. In this paper, we analyze Barrack Obama’s commencement speech at Michigan University and Arianna Huffington’s speech at Smith College, 2013. The two personalities have mastered the art of using language, gestures, authenticity, and their personalities to deliver speeches that have had worldwide impact.
Obama uses concrete and tangible evidence and language. Through this, he is able to kidnap our minds to another. He paints pictures on the audience mind. People always yearn for specifics. Through this transcendence, he is able to establish credibility and rapport with the audience. Huffington develops a rapport with her audience by personalizing the speech. She gets personal by using her life stories. She makes the audience feel she understand their plight. When she talks of “since I have two college-aged daughters myself” (Organization, “Arianna Huffington’s Smith College Commencement Speech…”). She immediately connects with the graduating students. When Obama says the Michigan rallying cry “GO Blue” he immediately connects with his audience by being part of their culture.
Both speakers…

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