The Benefits of Affirmation

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The Benefits of Affirmation

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The Benefits of Affirmation
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The Benefits of Affirmation
Life can at times become challenging especially in situations where things do not work out the way people expects. This can lead to frustrations, and in severe cases, it may result in stress affecting the daily activities of victims. The negativity from failure and frustrations can impede leading to a happy and fulfilling life, and this may be detrimental to the individual. Positive affirmations are a coping mechanism and have been advocated by experts to be an effective way of averting self-loathe as it focuses on positivity and self-growth. Such declarations have a strong influence on the psychological immune system and can be a tool of motivating people into becoming a better version of them (Boyatzis, Kline& Backof, 2007). Self-affirmation illuminates on the personal values and helps people in identify things the things that matter in their life.
As mentioned earlier, it is coping mechanisms that psychologists have prescribed as a way of managing and weathering stressful encounters in the course of life. The quality of life is improved through regular affirmations because people become more in tune with their thoughts and keeps negativity at bay. Affirmations are good for the mind and help in the development of habits that can be beneficial to the body such as adherence to the proper dietary patterns characterized by eating healthy foods. Moreover, there are ma…

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