The Battle of Gettysburg

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The Battle of Gettysburg

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The Battle of Gettysburg
According to author Brian Holden Reid, the generals and officials who fought in the American Civil War seemed to be influenced by Creasy’s ideology – victories could be achieved easily if the wars were made decisive. Creasy, when writing his great book on the fifteen wars that changed the world, said that there would be fought one great war that would bring an end to all wars. For a while, it was thought that Napoleon’s advance would bring about the one great war. However, years later, the American Civil War proved the thought wrong CITATION Rei13 p 1 l 16393 (Reid 1).
The battle of Gettysburg started when Henry Heth’s crops marched towards the town to buy some shoes. Although the company knew of the presence of a small Union cavalry in town, they underestimated their numbers and weapons resources. The cavalry, in fact, turned out to be two brigades, who had already scoped out the area and placed themselves at strategically advantageous positions in order to defend themselves until reinforcements from John Reynolds arrived. The effort, however, resulted in a bloodbath, and John Reynolds was left for dead on the road CITATION Jul13 p “par. 1-2” l 16393 (Winona County Historical Society par. 1-2).
On the second day, Confederate forces, led by Commander Robert E. Lee, attacked the Union fronts, and was nearly successful. The third day brought a resounding victory for the Union forces again. His defeat lay in t…

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