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The Antwerp Six +

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The Antwerp Six + designers
The Antwerp 6 is a group of powerful cutting edge fashion designers who originated from the Royal Academy of Antwerp in the 1980s. The design joint introduced a particular idea for a design in 1980’s that built up the famous group of the Antwerp as a prominent area for fashion style. The advancement took place around 1988 where the group leased a car and traveled to London fashion with their accumulations and hence putting the state on a fashion map. After that, they all separated and went their different ways and got to be popular separately with their own extremely unmistakable fashion and trademarks. Having done the greater part of this they set a case for their continuators, for example, Tilley at the Flemish foundations, and then setting the – extremely strong – fundamental for a greater development of fashion in the town of Antwerp. Since then, Antwerp has a real, strict fashion focus: as stated by one member, in which uncommon setting in the heart of the town, alongside ‘Fashion Paradise’ as illustrated by Van Noten’s there is a design school, a fashion exhibition hall, and a Flanders Fashion Training Institute and as of late additionally the greatest boutique of the Japanese planner Yohji Yamamoto (Adam, pg69).
This group has some of its individuals who in one way or another have added to its prosperity. The individuals have particular lines of experience that they have persistently given to support …

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