The American Southwest

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The American Southwest

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The American Southwest
How did the Spanish image of the Southwest guide the first European explorers?
The Spaniards played a crucial role in the European exploration of the Southwest. Spanish explorers populated Mexico and explored Southwest America over 200 years before its conception. From history, the Southwest exploration was triggered by rumors that a fountain of youth was found on an island around the northern parts of Spain’s present habitat in the Caribbean (Chavez 18). After Aztecs were seized and their capital destroyed, the Spaniards spread out in all directions in search of Gold, God as well as Glory. This is the same expedition that had made them reach the New World initially. On a given day during the journey from Florida to New Spain, the Spanish excursion comprising of numerous rafts found themselves in a tropical storm which killed most of the men, leaving only four. The remaining men survived and managed to enter the modern American Southwest.
The Spaniards had their thoughts and myths on the unknown locality that later become the Southwest. As per their imagination, there was a prosperous land of warrior women. This was towards the route of the silver cities in addition to other valuable things. This prompted its explorers to seek for different versions of their “Edenic paradise” as historians call it. During their search, they roamed across most parts of modern-day southwest America, and unintentionally hindered wi…

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