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th Centuryr revised

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Education and Twentieth Century
The twentieth century was characterized by international wars, heightened conflicts among the social, racial and ideological groups, and had significant effects on education. Importantly, gender discrimination was high during the twentieth century. As a result, most men attended schools while women were married off at their young ages and denied the pleasure to have an education. Schools used different tactics to recruit and retain boys in school. For instance, schools would get people willing to sponsor the boys and get them to pay school fees for the boy child (Nathan 271). In other occasions, schools supported the education of the boys and did not care much about the performances of the girls due to the belief that the girls will get married and have someone take care of their homes while the men would have the responsibility of taking care of their wives and children in the future. Such acts worked towards retaining and recruiting boys in the schools.
Over the years, boys and girls have faced different forms of discrimination, especially in schools. Some of the inequities that boys have faced over the years in classes include the fact that boys have been subject to harsh discipline, unlike the girls. Teachers would consider boys more daring and naughty as compared to the girls (Swearer, Susan and Shelley 504). Thus, boys would receive tough discipline unlike their female counterpart…

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