Texting while driving

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Texting while driving

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Student’s nameInstructorCourseSeptember 8, 2018
Texting While Driving:
Conversing while driving has been a difficult task for many drivers and as a result, many road accidents occur from this case. For any task to be completed, a reasonable amount of resources is needed. It is difficult for drivers to multitask when they group one of the tasks as either a primary or a secondary task. The driver is likely to maintain the primary function and drop the secondary task. In this context, I chose the Strayer & Drews, article; Cell-phone–induced driver distraction.
According to Strayer., after he studied the impacts of cell-phones for over five years, he concluded that mobile phone conversations interfere with the driving performance. The human capacity is limited, and therefore research shows that talking on a phone causes “inattention blindness” to the driving environment (Strayer & Drews 129).
Many variables make it difficult for a driver to multitask between driving and texting. The problematic tasks need more resources as compared to the easy tasks, and therefore fewer resources are left for the secondary task. A driver in danger is likely to concentrate more on driving as compared to texting. Secondly, psychological arousal is another factor that affects the success in multitasking. When the psychological arousal is high, then the attentional capacity is not functional and vice versa. Thirdly some of the tasks done, are likely to attract attention because of…

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