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Texas Department of Agriculture
The History of the Agency
The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) was established in 1907 through Texas Legislation. Until in 1907, Bureau of Agriculture, History, Statistics, and Insurance were responsible for conducting official agricultural business resulting in considerable neglect of the collection of information and statistics on livestock and crops. Therefore, in 1907, the Thirtieth Legislature establish this agency whose headquarter is situated in Austin. (“About TDA”)
Purpose and Responsibilities
The key objectives of the Agency are to promote agricultural production, health leaving, economic development, and consumer protection. As a diversified state Agency, TDA offers value-added services through initiatives, marketing, and regulatory. After every four years, an agriculture commissioner is elected to oversee the agency. The current commissioner is Sid Miller who took over early 2014 (“About TDA”).
The mission of TDA is partnering with all Texans with the primary objective of making Texas a leading nation in agriculture, fortify its economy, empowering communities in the rural areas, and promoting healthy lifestyle of Texans. Also, TDA focus on cultivating effective strategies for Texas’ urban, suburban, and rural areas through a unique service and the common agricultural threads (“About TDA”).
Why Retained TDA?
TDA touches on critical aspects of Texans’ lif…

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