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Appointment of Supreme Court JudgesName:
Appointment of Supreme Court Judges
Initially, the Senate set the threshold of appointing judges to be 2/3 of the votes. That allowed various judges to have bipartisan support and that indicated that most of the appointees got the jobs on merit rather than political views. Then, the Democrats changed the standard to 51% of the votes so that they could manage to vote their people into the Supreme Court (Seligman, 2018). That meant that during the previous Obama administration, the Senate mostly voted for liberal judges that took a softer stance towards issues of immigration, gun control and same-sex marriage that have shaped the political landscape of Texas (Political parties Lecture Notes 1 n.d.). Now that the Republicans have control of the house, they should also have the chance to vote in their preferred candidates.
The Senate should continue using the 51% rule so that it does not create double standards. The Democrats did not see any issues when they repealed the regulations, and so the Republicans should also enjoy the precedence (Seligman, 2018). The 2/3 rules would have applied better, but the changes should bind all the political parties unless they mutually decide to change the standards.
The president has the authority to nominate conservative judges to the Supreme Court of the USA. He has the powers vested in the constitution which do not prohibit the president from appointing prefer…

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