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texas bureaucracy

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Texas Bureaucracy Answers
Question # 1
The plural executive consists of six offices which have different powers and functions;
The Governor
They can make official appointments to some of their supporters although their choice can be refuted by the plural executive or the senators, can create a budget which is executive as long as it is loyal to the legislative budget, and control the both the military force and the police since they possess authority over the public safety department. They are also given the power to make appointments of judges if a vacancy is available as the state waits for the next elections and can exercise limited leniency on a punishment offered to a citizen (Anthony & Edward 1).
The lieutenant governor
They are usually referred to as the presidents of the states senate and are mandated with the signing of bills and resolutions. They also vote to break the tie in case the Senate holds a sitting in which there is a tie in a voting process.
The Attorney general
They are usually regarded as the chief counsel for the state. Their main function is to represent the state agencies in a lawsuit and issue advisory opinions to the state.
The land commissioner
Their work is to manage and lease the property of the state as well as provide home loan programs.
The commissioner of agriculture
Their work is to promote the agriculture of Texas. They have the power to implement regulatory polici…

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