Texas annexation

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Texas annexation

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Following a spirited fight, the outgoing President, John Tyler managed to garner a joint resolution between the Senate and Congress. Hence, the two houses passed the treaty of annexation of Texas. This treaty was effected on December 1845. Thus, Texas became part of the United States. In 1847, President Polk managed to capture Mexico City, and in February 1848, he was presented with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. Polk had intentions to push for further annexation of Mexico, but considering the political impact of a prolonged war, he chose to settle for the treaty. In the treaty, Mexico was in terms to surrender up to 525, 0002 miles.
The following years saw mixed life setting with some leaders in support of slavery while others pushed for the full abolition of the vice to prevent it from spreading to other states in the US. People migrated from the south and from Europe to come and settle in Texas due to the cheap land for agriculture and ability to own slaves. In 1850, California has declared a free state with no slave business. As such, this ended the question of spreading slavery. Hence, the western states had the choice to engage in slavery or not. Although Texans shared varied views on slavery, they strongly opposed any intervention by the federal government to end slavery. The election of President Lincoln has been coined to trigger the secession from the union and the start of American Civil war in 1860. …

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