Tesla Model S

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Tesla Model S

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Tesla Model S
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Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S “s a full-sized / Mid-size luxury all-electric five-door lift-back car (Tesla, 2018). The company introduced the model on June 22, 2012. The 2017 version is more updated and modern. The EPA’s official range for the car is 100D. Compared to other similar cars, the model S ranks the highest as it contains several super specifications that no other electric car has. For instance, the car has a battery pack of 100 kWh (360 MJ) (Tesla, 2018). According to the EPA ratings, the 2017 model has energy consumption at 3.096 miles per kWh (200.9 watt-hours per kilometer or 32.33 kWh/100 mi or 20.09 kWh/100 km) for a combined fuel economy of 104 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (2.26 L/100 km or 125 mpg‑imp)”(Tesla, 2018).
The Model S got updated in 2016 with unique specifications. However, it was initially confused with Tesla Model X as the Model’s specifications especially the design closely matched the Model X’s. As of October 2017, the company made available to the market P100D, 100D and 75D versions of Model S. According to the company reports, the Model S got designed for endurance and speed (Tesla, 2018). In this sense, it has uncompromised aesthetics, ludicrous performance, and incredible aerodynamics. Moreover, it has automatic door handles that withdraw when closed and auto-present themselves upon approach. These are the features that have made the improved version of Model S record high …

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