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Tesla Discussion

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Discussion on Tesla
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Discussion on Tesla
Question one:Briefly restate for your colleagues, your conclusions regarding the decision environment
Tesla’s decision environment calls for growth and all decisions to be made by Tesla’s management should be geared towards addressing the best growth alternatives available to the company. The next five years are crucial to Tesla and may act as make-or-break for the company in terms of stamping its authority in the energy solutions market. The demand for Tesla’s power batteries has been remarkable, far outweighing the supply.Already, companies have pre-ordered batteries expected to be completed in 2016. Such a scenario clearly shows that the battery production market is huge and shows vast potential. Tapping into such a market and refocussing its efforts in the production of batteries for the mass market should define Tesla’s five-year strategic plan.
Question two:Briefly state your own decisions regarding the corporate-level and business-level strategies you believe Tesla should pursue and what led you to that conclusion
The corporate level decision for Tesla Motors should be to focus its manufacturing on providing energy solutions. Essentially, the corporate strategy should be to focus on battery production and to expand its operations into markets that are in dire need of battery power. Reaching this conclusion was based on the huge market potential the battery production b…

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