Tesla Decision Environment Analysis

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Tesla Decision Environment Analysis

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Tesla Decision Environment Analysis
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Tesla Decision Environment Analysis
The Tesla Motors Company is at crossroads going forward. It has reached a point in which current decisions will affect its existence and its ability to survive in the market. The electric car market is not causing the same excitement it did a few years ago when the first all-electric car was launched into the market. Tesla Motors and its abilities are now well known. In an effort to supplement its business, Tesla has also diversified its operations and now has battery manufacture as part of its main operations beside designing and manufacturing of electric cars. Recently, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors released the patents to the creation of the electric car. This action was applauded by many. The main reason behind his actions being presenting of the Tesla Motors ideas to the public and let other companies with the wherewithal help push their dream to places Tesla Motors cannot achieve shortly. Clearly, the battery manufacturing industry has more potential to create a difference faster and to low income earners than the manufacture of the electric vehicle. The market potential is immense, including companies that are continually being required to have back-up energy sources (Martin, 2014). Other untapped markets such as the African continent that do not experience winter present an opportunity to Tesla battery manufacturing business to make a differen…

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