Tesla Competitor analysis

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Tesla Competitor analysis

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Tesla Competitor Analysis
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Tesla Competitor Analysis
Using the understanding you have gained on Tesla and its external environment and stakeholder environment, please consider the following questions:
Part one:
For any of the competitors identified, discuss how Tesla connects with them in the larger system. How dependent is Tesla on the success? How significantly is Tesla impacted by their strategic decisions?
Tesla is a car manufacturer founded in 2003 and it specializes in the production of electric cars. Since its inception, the company has grown and enjoyed tremendous success with the demand for electric cars on the rise. The success is mainly due to the sensitivity to environmental issues and a shift in demand of Eco-friendly products. Internally, Tesla has no glaring issues as the its CEO is focused on the growth of the company and establishing strategic partnerships with companies such as Toyota. In general, the automobile industry is very competitive, but Tesla’s niche is unique and has so far faced little competition as it didn’t face fierce rivalry as it established itself. That may soon change as the giant automobile companies join the industry. Its main competitors include Ford with its Ford Focus BEV, Nissan with its Nissan Leaf model and Chevrolet Volt model. Recently, other entrants in the market offering slightly differentiated products that include Audi, Volkswagen and BMW that produce hybrid cars.

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