Terrestrial Resource Challenges

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Terrestrial Resource Challenges

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Terrestrial Resource Challenges
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Terrestrial Resource Challenges
Nutritional Value and Sustainability
As part of deteriorating environmental conditions, most of the crops are destroyed without being utilized by the humans. The reasons for such disaster regard are plant diseases, insects and hail. These all create food either in reduced quantity or having lower nutritional values.
These are surely quite severe because those crops destroy the soil quality and the quality of human life. Having these crops a part of the food chain, surely give rise to different problems that are quite severe on both mental as well as physical grounds. Under nutrition and malnutrition are the two extreme outcomes of not incorporating sustainable changes in agricultural practices. Apart from those, the problem of water-logging, desertification, salinization and diminishing genetic diversity and irrigated cropland per unit capita are the secondary impacts of it.
A number of solutions were presented in it. It includes approaches for protection of water resources and soil, enhancement in the amount of land for crops along with increased development of alternative foods and reduces pest interaction with food (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2015).
In order to implement those sustainable changes, soil erosion is the most severe problem because of soil’s slow rate of rejuvenation.
Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal
Hazardous waste is quite…

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