Ted’s talk.

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Ted’s talk.

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Ted’s Talk
Arthur Brooks, who acts as president of the American Enterprise Institute and a social scientist by profession explores conservative and liberal views in the USA. He appeared at Ted’s talk to share some opinions on differences in ideology. Brooks discusses the issues of poverty and opportunity around the world and encourages the conservatives and liberals to work together to change the world for the better.
The author shows the tension that occurs between the conservatives and the liberals. Brooks gave an example of when his parents confronted him for shifting to the Republicans. According to the speaker, the parents felt disturbed by the changes, and that shows how much the Republicans and Democrats in the USA view each other. Brooks states that one side represents themselves as being motivated by love and the other by hate and vice versa (Brooks n.p.). That creates a tag of war that does not achieve any meaningful changes in the society.
Brooks explores the issue of poverty around the world. He states that the problem results from factors such as globalization, free trade and matters like the rule of law. The two ideologies share different perspectives on the topics and that allows poverty to flourish amidst the debates (Brooks n.p.). The speaker states that the asymmetry between liberals and conservatives accounts for the growing rates of poverty.
Therefore, Brooks states that the two ideo…

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