Ted Casetudy

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Ted Casetudy

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Ted Case Study
Ted had developed a strong determination since the first day of his employment aiming to earn a quick promotion. His effort began with the increased production of other employees. However, he failed to receive the recognition desired. It even became difficult to cope with different coworkers (Cheney and Gold 1).
Ted’s exasperation was justified because he worked harder than other employees work and produced more for the company. Ted advised other workers on how to improve their efficiency in the job. Promotion is significant to boost the morale of hardworking employees and encourage others to follow (Cheney and Gold 1).
The supervisor had a good point because he eliminated chaos and poor judgment towards other followers. Ted would learn to wait for others as they adjust to his pace and help them work together. The supervisor was assisting Ted to understand the importance of teamwork.
According to the supervisor, it is essential to maintain a balance in workplaces whereby one worker does not supersede others despite their high potential and productivity. To win in an organization, one must learn to work as a team because they will not manage all departments. They do not expect everybody’s effort to be equal. It is essential to provide space for any diversity in the speed of work and pace of production because people’s ability is varied. Learning to accommodate and appreciate everybody is a crucial skill because…

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