Technology in Health Care Industry

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Technology in Health Care Industry

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Healthcare Advancements – Issues and Challenges
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Healthcare Advancements – Issues and Challenges
Technological advancement in healthcare has provided a new dimension in the field of patient monitoring as well as research and development domains. This enhancement has dramatically altered the healthcare, personal wellness and insurance perspectives during the last decade. Penetration of smartphone application and new medical technology has brought tremendous opportunity for enhancing longevity and most importantly, quality of life. Nevertheless, this perfect storm has also brought some issues and challenges along with its advents.
The paper will look into different issues and challenges that include the privacy and identity protection of patients. Moreover, it will also look into the enhanced requirement for regulatory actions and overload of information.
Misuse of Information and Data Theft
Surely, there are massive opportunities for harnessing the massive amount of data that is generated as part of the advent. However, insurers should have to take care of boundary that is between needed information and available information. Nevertheless, it allows the insurance companies to assess the case in a much better manner. But it also enhances the responsibilities of insurance companies to safeguard private information and prevent information theft in order to preserve the client’s trust.
Any lapses in …

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