Teaching Plan for CHF and CKD Patients

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Teaching Plan for CHF and CKD Patients

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Teaching Plan for CHF and CKD Patients
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Teaching patients how to manage their chronic diseases helps reduce extended inpatient stays at hospitals. Chronic heart failure (CHF) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) are common in ageing adults causing a significant number of admissions in hospitals. CKD is the condition where the kidneys are unable to remove some of the waste products and excess fluid from the bloodstream. This teaching plan educates patients on how to monitor fluid uptake and waste removal from their bodies. Therefore, a patient’s knowledge and understanding of their condition and the necessary steps towards their stability is essential. Health care professionals such as nurses and doctors, therefore, need to train patients with CKD and CHF on how to care for themselves to ensure they manage their conditions as discussed in this paper. However, nurses have to formulate a teaching plan determining the aspects which patients need to know and those which are difficult to comprehend. Survival skills such as physiology and administration of medication are the most important things a patient needs to know to be able to take care of themselves. However, eating habits such as during holidays and cooking ideas are also a necessary part of the training needed to ensure the safety of the patient in their times of happiness. Evaluation is also required through clinical checkups by specialist doctors.
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