Teaching in a Diverse Society

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Teaching in a Diverse Society

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Chapter 4
Many teachers do not embrace the culturally responsive pedagogy despite the rising number of linguistic and culturally diverse learners in schools. The main challenges to this issue are the different approach where some institutions struggle with ways to appropriately fit while others have recognized the need to establish a culturally competent environment. However, it would be essential to impact teachers with multicultural skills to eliminate cultural deficit views and enhance their confidence and believes while teaching diverse cultures.
Culturally responsive teachers portray features such as conscience to a social culture which entails the understanding of behaviors, thinking and influential to language, race, and ethnicity. Additionally, they affirm their attitude towards diversity which has a significant implication on their learning and beliefs. Possessing the commitment and skills to act enables teachers to overcome barriers to change and enhance collaborative skills to deal with chaos.
Chapter 5
A culturally responsive curriculum would have specific effects on learners and teachers. A transformed curriculum would eliminate the traditional view and inspire new ways of thinking and reconceptualization. As such, instructions would be students centered which would help learners evaluate the assignments and projects which would contribute to their real-life change.
On the other hand, reflection a…

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