Teacher Philosophy

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Teacher Philosophy

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My Teaching Philosophy
Unlike most careers, teaching is one of the careers that require undivided attention. This is because it involves shaping the lives and future of young people as they prepare to live a fulfilled life. In this case, it calls for every teacher to be keen in their role in the classroom both in teaching the curriculum and setting a role model for the students. ‘He who says he can, and he who says he can’t both are right’. This saying has formed a backbone for my career as I believe I should do my best for the students as their future lies squarely in my hands. In this case, as a teacher, I have developed a personal philosophy of education that guides me in fulfilling my perfect role in the classroom as I understand that the future of the children in both their academic excellence and positive behavior lies in my hands.
To begin with, my philosophy denotes the need for freedom of expression from my students. Students, especially, both in their young and adolescents stages exhibit different forms of creativity especially in what they are good at. Through this freedom, I will be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my students and guide them accordingly in maximizing on their strengths and addressing the weaknesses. In addition, through expression, students exhibit different talents that can be nurtured into careers. For instance, students may have talents in various fields such as sports and music.

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