Tartuffe Critique

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Tartuffe Critique

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Author and Director Intent on Tartuffe
The plot of the play revolves around the failure to pay attention to reason in the life of significant people in the story. Such failure of not noticing what is precisely in front of one’s face is what makes most characters make wrong decisions that have adverse consequences. Orgon, for instance, is the principal character who is blindly deceived by Tartuffe on most of the cases, as he is a piety man. The moments he is deceived, the members of his family see through Tartuffe, know, and understand what he is. Cleante who is Orgon’s wise brother advises him on where and who he puts trust in unknowingly. He also sees that Tartuffe is a hypocrite who hides behind religion and yet he is a sinful man who plots on gaining wealth through false ways. Orgon tells his secrets to Tartuffe and even forces his daughter, whom he had betrothed to someone else to marry Tartuffe. Orgon banishes Damis from home since he spoke negatively of Tartuffe as allegedly tried to seduce his wife, Elmire. Eventually, the truth finds its way and Orgon sees the truth for what it is after seeing him try to seduce his wife. He casts Tartuffe out, and they become enemies. Tartuffe attempts to use the court to seize Orgon’s wealth and house. He was almost successful before the family proved how cunning he was. The author of the play, Moliere, wrote the comedy and stated his central themes as hypocrisy and how people used religion fo…

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