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Adopting Blockchain Technology in Target’s Supply Chain
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Target is yet to adopt blockchain technology in its supply chain, which implies that it is lagging behind competitors, such as Walmart, which have already implemented the technology. Therefore, this reduces the competitiveness of Target because it cannot process its inventory fast with efficiency and effectiveness observed in Walmart. Even though it is researching on avenues to make the current supply chain faster, from research, it is clear that blockchain technology is a game changer in logistics and supply due to its effectiveness in managing resources in multiple geographical locations. Therefore, Target should adopt the technology, which will be essential to provide more visibility in the supply chain and inventory management system. Target has numerous store locations, and therefore, would benefit from the application of the technology in bettering its supply chain, which will help the company manage its stores in multiple locations more effectively and efficiently, hence allowing the supply chain to be faster, an aspect it currently lacks.

Adopting Blockchain Technology in Target’s Supply Chain
The chosen organization is Target, which was chosen because it lags behind in the application of blockchain technology in the supply chain management system compared to competitors, for example, Walmart. For instance, Walmart patented its …

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