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target behavior

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Target Behavior
Behaviors of people and animals can be modified to reflect what the source person wants depending on the form of reinforcement used. Operant conditioning has been practiced in many occasions and different places including schools, homes, dog training camps, and other areas particularly involved in training individuals. The initial step involves the identification of the target behavior one finds appealing if undertaken. This is followed by the baseline frequency data where data is collected on the target person or animal before the operant conditioning. This allows noting the normal behavior and how often it occurs before finally carrying out operant conditioning. This essay involves getting the child brush his teeth at least three times a day as a target behavior. Baseline frequency data indicates that apparently, the boy only brushes the teeth once in a day. Having a reinforce such as moving the toothpaste and toothbrush closer to him after every meal makes him brush teeth more often thus achieving target behavior.
Keywords: Operant conditioning, target group, reinforcement, data, and baseline frequency.
Target Behavior
Part 1
My target behavior is to get my child brush his teeth at least thrice in a day. His name is Grey in 4th grade at the age of 8 years. Through this target behavior, I intend to make him get used to brushing his teeth after every meal, that is; in the morning, midday, and in the evening before going to …

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