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Taoism which is often referred to as Daoism is a tradition found among the Chinese people. Its premise revolves around urging individuals to live together in harmony together with Tao, which is path or way. The word Tao is also used among different other philosophies apart from Taoism. The usage of the word denotes a particular thing as the force or source behind every existence. Currently, Taoism is among the five religions under existence in China.
The precepts or principles according to Taoism can be defined clearly when individuals are mediating with their thoughts (Bai 725). During this period their subconscious mind is usually under regulation outside the mental emotions. All the notions of Taoism emerged from the provisions of the school of Yin Yan. This is where the Tao Te Ching was kept and used by different scholars of the time. The Tao Te Ching is a voluminous book which has all the teachings that were earlier presented by Laozi. The book was incorporated together with the words of Zhuangzi, and later compiled together to produce the Taoism tradition.
The dynamics of Taoism often vary from one school to another, but all emphasize on action and non action. Individuals following after the tenets of Taoism are supposed to be those who have humility, compassion and moderation in all their activities. Taoism has a great influence in all the people from China, as they profess to follow their cultures fully. T…

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