Talent vs. Practice

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Talent vs. Practice

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Talent Vs Practice
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The purpose of the paper is to give an insight and develop a perspective towards the new findings that practice plays an important role in creating human potential in what people considered as inborn talent. From different observations, people who are experts in a specific field must employ the best practices before excelling and setting the high standards. That is regardless of whether the person has a talent or not which shows that the earlier notion that people had of having an inborn talent is paramount in ensuring that a person succeeds in an activity. Embracing the reasoning will induce a positive impact in the society which will be a crucial factor in ensuring that everyone achieves his or her dreams. No one will be left because of the fact he has not yet discovered his or her talent as it will rely on practice and the passion that a person has in a given activity.
Keywords: talent, practice, potential, finding, reasoning, consistent, inborn
Talent Vs. Practice
My Thoughts
The debate over inborn talent and practice remains a controversial topic where people for or against various ideas. I think the thought of deliberating practice to develop potential from what we previously knew as inborn talent valid reasoning. That is from the fact that even though a person is born having a particular ability in him or her, he still needs to put it to work to perfect and make good use of it (“Is Talent …

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