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Taking a position essay

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Internet Activism
The current world is in the middle of a digital revolution. The social media has transformed the world. The use of the internet has greatly contributed to this transformation of the world. The internet provides the ability for people to connect instantly with strangers, family, and friends. The internet has also transformed the creation and maintenance of relationships. In addition, it has changed the very structure of our social fabric. Researchers have concluded that on the societal level, the use of the social media through the internet generates unprecedented opportunities for the flow of information, social influence, affective expression and the democratic revolution (Beatriz Da Costa 12). This illustrates that the new tools of the social media have brought about social activism. This is seen through the last two decades, the people around the world have become more and more aware of and fascinated in expanding the use of digital technologies, mobile phones, computers, and other devices that use the internet for the battle of social change. Journalists, scholars, researchers, students, bloggers, activists and corporations have studied how the internet use has accelerated the level of activism in the world. The internet has increased political, economic and social activism globally. For instance, politically the USA President Barak Obama used the int…

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