Taking a Moral stand

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Taking a Moral stand

Category: Critical Thinking

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Taking a Moral Stand
I found myself in a peer group when I was enrolled in a certain academic institution. There were six members in the group. We were of the same age, background, and gender. In this peer group, members were expected to contribute and support each other during the crisis. When one of us had a problem, we could come together and help. The norm that held us together was that of assisting each other, emotionally, financially and psychologically. Once in my life, I decided to withhold my financial support to one of the peer group members since I felt like I was giving too much. The individual did not receive my response well. The individual, as well as other members of the group, became angry about my stand. The peer group tried to revenge on me when I faced a similar financial crisis. They all refused to contribute their money to me in spite of having expressed my serious situation to them. I felt terrible and angry about how they responded to my situation in spite of the fact that I had been a loyal member of the group for a long time and I had only rebelled once to contribute to one person.
Since the group vowed not to help me when I faced the financial struggle, I was forced to look for help somewhere else. I later apologized for my earlier defiant behavior in the group and agreed to comply with all of the norms of the group. This situation taught me a great lesson that it is…

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