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Category: Critical Thinking

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Question one
The phrase “exceptional student” is deceiving as it represents both students with some form of learning disability and pure academic brilliance. The education act defines exceptional students as “a pupil whose behavioral, communication, intellectual, physical or multiple exceptionalities are such that s/he is considered to need placement in a special education program” (Levesque 1420-1422). The “twice-exceptional student” is a relatively new term in educationist lexicon that refers to students who are both gifted but also suffer from a disability that affects their ability to learn. The term, therefore, is an umbrella term that identifies students who need special attention to various capabilities. As such, exceptional students included students with learning disabilities, physical disability like blindness and giftedness or language impairment. Students under this category will, therefore, require special facilities, teachers with specific skills and knowledge and a tailored academic curriculum.
The better part of educational theory in the recent past looked down upon exceptional students especially those with disabilities. The consensus was that disabled children were incapable of being taught and learning effectively. The education programs designed were therefore exclusionary. However, with the evolution of human rights and the right to equality that extends to education, exceptional …

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