Tablets or Textbooks in K-12 Schools

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Tablets or Textbooks in K-12 Schools

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Tablets or Textbooks in K-12 Schools
The changes in time have come with technological revolutions. As a result, two opposing schools of thought have emerged in the field of education. One group support the use of tablets in schools whereas the other supports the continued use of the textbooks (Connor 3).
The proponent for the tablets use argues that with the changes in technology, the education field should be aligned to the new technological changes that make learning more comfortable and more experiential. Tablets also save time for example, instead of sitting down copying notes; students now take a photo of the classroom board through the camera feature in their tablets (Javellana, Jonathan, Gregg, and Dwight 77).
Also, those concerned with the environment argues that that introduction of tablets into education will reduce the environmental degradation since it minimizes the use of paper. Reduced need for articles for printing handouts and other paper materials will reduce the felling down of trees for the same. This conserves the environment since trees are important for the removal of carbon dioxide from our surrounding. It also saves the money resource that is used in the process; printing paper learning materials, buying inks and doing the printer services (Chou, Chientzu Chientzu, Lanise and Renee 11).
Proponents for the maintenance of the book on the other side support their opposition by arguing that as follows. To them, it i…

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