TABD U1DB2 Response #1 and #2

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TABD U1DB2 Response #1 and #2

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TABD U1DB2 Response #1 and #2
Response #1
The post ‘tax advantages and disadvantages of being a C corporation’ encompass some significant and educative information concerning the taxation of companies in the U.S.A. Earlier on, I thought that business is taxed from the revenue it generates, that is, a business establishment with higher incomes is taxed more than that with lower income. However, having read this post, I have realized the taxation to be paid by any particular company depends on several factors which include, the form of business ownership, income and the nature of the shares owned by the shareholders (Armstrong 1-3). Additionally, from the post, I have been able to highlight the differences between an S corporation and a C corporation. Having understood clearly the characteristics of a C corporation, I have learned about the merits and demerits of the tax method used to tax the profits of the C corporation. However, I would like to get more insights regarding the double taxation aspect of the C corporation. Why should someone prefer to form a C corporation rather than an S corporation yet it is subject to double taxation?
Response #2
In this article, I have learned several issues concerning the merits and demerits of being a C corporation on the issues of taxation. The post has referred to Jefferson Industrial Machine (JIM); through this, I have been able to identify the factors which can influence …

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