System’s analysis

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System’s analysis

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Healthcare Information Systems
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Healthcare Information Systems
The adoption and use of the digital system have been of significant impact in the different sectors, the health care system not an exemption. However, the change is adopted gradually to ensure maximum benefit from the undertaking. Our current system has been the manual system, typically known as the filing system. It has facilitated the smooth flow of information in the various department, although the digitized system was slowly being implemented in the different department. As a result of the two systems running concurrently. There has however been a lot of duplication of work, while others claim that some files are missing, and the most recent occurrence being the destruction of many records by fire, among other issues. The current resolve, therefore, is to phase out the manual system and go wholly digital. The effort will ensure the safety of all patients’ data, as it is all digitized and backed up. It will also facilitate the accessibility of their files from the hospital information system from whichever department they are or require services. The system will also extend to serve the administration (Types of Hospital Information Systems., n.d.) whereby, any vital decision that needs to come to the attention of everyone is available online. While for the executive decisions that only stick with them, the system will allow the executive management access only. Nonet…

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