System Analysis Case Study Questions Answer

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System Analysis Case Study Questions Answer

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System Analysis Case Study Questions Answer
Question 4-37
Yes. I would approve the project as at outlined in the scope as it contains the essential information required in addition to the fact that the staff supports the plan because as it would benefit the firm (“Chapter 4: Systems Planning and Selection” 121). There is a highly likely chance that the organization would have a decent profit on investment if the plan succeeds. Furthermore, I would include information concerning deliverables.
Question 4-38
Tangible costs should include new hardware costs, user training fees, outsourcing fees, system maintenance costs, and new hardware costs. The only likely intangible cost would be associated with possible inefficiencies because of the learning curve for current and new workers about the new system. The anticipated intangible benefits include amplified competitiveness with other similar suppliers in the market.
Question 4-39
The project appears to be a low-risk project. There are several illustrations in the industry to keep an eye on, and indeed, the team would have no issue drawing up or implementing a blueprint. The risk that I would only have would involve the uncertainty associated with outsourcing.
Question 4-40
The plan’s most essential section of the baseline plan involves feasibility assessment that often involves steps which test the project plan for precise viability factor like technical, opera…

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