Synthesizing your own idea using the book for The Death Penalty

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Synthesizing your own idea using the book for The Death Penalty

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The debate on death penalty
In her book Last Words From Death Row: The Walls Unit, Norma Herrera writes about the tribulations she and her family went through while trying to free her brother, Leonel, from the death row. Despite showing glaring and overwhelming evidence claiming his innocence, Leonel was sentenced to death for a crime that he did not commit. His last words to the world were, “I am innocent, innocent, innocent. I am an innocent man, and something very wrong is taking place tonight.” CITATION Nor07 l 16393 (Herrera)Those who support the death row, however, would score Herrera for her attempt to bring light to this sensitive issue, and call her words an excessively emphatic exultation to bring attention away from the crime itself. They would argue that a person who took another’s life should not be allowed to keep his own.
The death penalty is an issue more complicated than any debate that the country has ever seen. Despite the long debates and the rehashed concepts that are presented to the media almost every day, there is but one truth that defines the issue: there is no way to look at the death penalty in black and white. Where on one hand, it ventures into immoral territory due to the obvious murder involved. On the other, though, the act is justified by calling it justice or retribution. Words like revenge, good, cruel and inhumane pop-up, but they do little to cast any importance on the debate: we cannot look at t…

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