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Synthesis Argument

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In this paper, there are enough reasons to support the claim that a journalist’s duty is to seek reality and to offer a reasonable and ample accounts of happenings. Therefore, all writers ought to attend to the community with meticulousness and uprightness since specialized integrity is the substance of a journalist’s integrity. It was in 1998 that the New Republic published a captivating story about a hacker throwing tantrum. The writer of the article was Stephen Glass, who had a 15-year-old Ian Restil feature in his “Hack Heaven” story. Glass claimed that the boy was shouting at executives from a Jukt Micronics, a leading software firm (Barry, et al., 38). It is very clear that this writer did not follow the code of ethics that require journalists to test information accuracy from all sources. The best way for them to avoid inadvertent errors, according to “Lies damn lies and fiction”, is by exercising care (Pannenberg, 23).
According to the article mentioned above, it is tough to prove something is negative but it is even harder to prove that someone or something fails to exist (Pannenberg, 23). That was the same challenge that came up after the Hack Heaven story. For that reason, these sources provide enough support to the argument that Glass and Jayson did not follow the right code of ethics. The blatant disregard for the truth is evident enough of how Glass violated the code of ethics that is held by journalis…

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