Synoptic assessment / no raising hands policy

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Synoptic assessment / no raising hands policy

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Synoptic Assessment
A synoptic assessment is a type of assessment which integrates two or more units of study into one assessment. There is an essential outcome of education right from the education process in relation to the given model (Tomlinson and Moon, 2013, 12). The assessment enables the learners to showcase their potential to integrate and utilize their understanding, skills, and knowledge with depth and breadth in particular areas of study (Afflerbach, 2017, 6). It also helps the teacher in testing the students’ ability to use their understanding and knowledge obtained in one section of a program to develop their level of expertise in other sections of the program, or throughout the entire curriculum.
Synopsis assessments focus mainly on the student; therefore, when applying it in a grade 3 classroom, the teacher should first choose curricular objectives and goals which contribute themselves to presentations, projects, or papers (Berger et al., 2014, 17). Also, techniques which reinforce and model the array of these projects, presentations, or papers that the teacher will feature should be integrated.
Secondly, the teacher should come up with a rubric. A rubric allows teachers to detect outcomes linked with skills, knowledge, and dispositions incorporated within the synopsis assessment (Copp, 2013, 22). The formulated rubric should have spaces for…

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