Sustainable Tourism

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Sustainable Tourism

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IntroductionThe Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 conveyed numerous moving athletic exhibitions, and, also, laying the premise for a durable legacy for the city and nation Sochi was the first town in Russia to embrace globally perceiving boundary-free gauges for a new foundation. This formalized at the national level with other boundary-free prerequisites for all of Russia was a piece of the Sochi legacy. In 2014, Sochi Olympics was a major international sport year where multi-sport events were held from February 7 to February 23, in Russia the first match played in Russia since the Soviet Union break. The Olympics had a total of 98 events. In its preparation, the organizers focused on its modernization in transportation, lighting, and telecommunications. It is one of the most is expensive Olympics fields built in times of history. The Sochi Olympic received a major turn in criticism that it was a corruption scheme for government officials.Despite all that drama the rumoring the event begging turned out perfect as planned.
This article investigates the desire connected to the Sochi 2014 uber occasion and analyzes them to the genuine results. It does as such by covering the subjects that were most conspicuous in the official and open talk: the expenses, expense invades, and monetary effect of the occasion; the suggestions for tourism in the area; the long haul utilization of framework and venues; the picture of R…

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