Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

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Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

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Date Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing
Sustainable and ethical sourcing refers to the practices where an organization attempts to engage in purchase and supply practices of products and raw materials for use in and outside the organization while considering needs satisfaction responsibly. In this process, the impacts of the sourcing of the products on the public are observed so that they may not negatively impact the society (Coca-cola, and Coca-cola HBC np). Organization buying behavior can affect the community, in either positive or negatively. Thus adequate prospective impacts should be pre-accessed prior embarking on the purchasing process. Also, the reliability of the source of the products to be able to satisfy the current needs is vital in the determination of the origins of organization resources.
An example of such company is the Coca-Cola Company. This company is well known for its sustainable strategies of sourcing their products (Coca-cola, and Coca-cola HBC np). It is a beverage company, and it has a sister company called Coca-cola HBC which deals with ensuring materials used and products are free from harmful impacts to the ecosystem and the human beings.
The company intends to be the most sustainable company by 2020, through the following strategies that embrace business ethics. Some of the practices that contribute to sustainable sourcing of products and raw materials are described in this study. They target to reduce the water …

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