Susan B. Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony’s Quakerism and its Importance in the Feminist Narrative
The word feminist as known by the mass media, and the general population carries a myriad of connotations and a series of perceived stigmas that mark feminism as “dangerous” or “controversial” (Offen, 1988). In the same light, mass media has portrayed women’s rights movements as problematic, and that notion continues to exist today, difficulting any investigation on women and their history. Hence, achieving a “complete” definition of feminism would be an endeavor longer than the pages available. Consequently, this investigation will use the most accurate definition on hand, taking for valid the French-American feminist tradition where feminism is defined as.
“Feminism opposes women’s subordination to men in the family and society, along with men’s claims to define what is best for women without consulting them; it thereby offers a frontal challenge to patriarchal thought, social organization, and control mechanisms. It seeks to destroy masculinist hierarchy but not sexual dualism.” (Offen, 1988)
On the other hand, assessing the importance of women in the American history is often an underlooked subject that is often abandoned or cut short by the patriarchy efforts. Similarly, women in the American history receive the same treatment despite their efforts and their importance. So then, showing the importance of Susan B. Anthony, as w…

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