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Super Powers
One unique superpower to me is bravery. Being brave implies that a person can stand up for what he or she believes despite the circumstances being unfavorable. Many leaders have exhibited this superpower, and it helped them emerge prosperous and reputable. For instance, Hon. Barrack Obama, despite being a man of color, stood out and ran for the presidency of the most superior nation in the world. Not only was this a bold move but it must have sounded crazy to others who criticized him. But that most certainly did not put down all that Obama believed he could achieve. Bravery and courage ought to have been traits that made him race against Senator McCain (Murphy Jr.).
Bravery helps in being immune to whatever all those who think less of you have to say. Most people give up on whatever good they might be doing immediately other people try criticizing them. The reason behind this is lack of boldness and self-confidence. To achieve greatness one must be willing to stand on the firm ground with what he or she believes. When other people see how brave you are, they are more likely to listen and even be supportive. Ever one is expected to make a mistake at one point in time. As a result, some people tend to fear to fail and end up never unleashing their full potential (Pearce).
Since I am brave enough am not afraid of failure. Regardless of how many times I might not get what I target, but that does not push me away. If at a…

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