Summer school application essay

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Summer school application essay

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What’s one thing that engages you intellectually?
Participating in youth and government program where we write bills to solve real-world issues. I engage in knowing issues through research and writing bills about them. .i.e. how to deal with the opioid epidemic, where 12.5 million patients were addicted to a medicine containing opioids. The bill focused on solving the problem of addiction. The bill was debated and reviewed by a group of judges. It was given a positive review as the judges agreed with our vision. The process involved individual as well as teamwork and collaborating conflicting ideas. The experience was great working with smart, passionate, problem solving and caring people. I hope to experience the same at Stanford as I strive to become a rocket engine engineer.
A letter to my future roommate
Hello. I am Craig Cheung. I major in rocket engine engineering. Personally, I like doing cross country and track, practising two hours daily. So, am likely to be coming home. Also, I love cooking since it makes me feel relaxed and I hope to make something for you. We can also go to nearby restaurants given that I know the area well enough. My Hobby is Rocketry, and my dream is Space X. Anyway, enough about myself and am happy to meet you. Cheers!
Why do you want to be in this camp?
I want to be an aerospace engineer, especially in rocket propulsion. The summer camp will be helpful in understanding the process of engineering. The chemical, as well as the structur…

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